SHANTIH Journal – Issue 3.1 is LIVE!


Featuring                                   shantih_journal_3.1_cover

John Gialanella

Noah Karvalis

David Alper

Timothy Bartel

Brian Baumgart

Cynthia Blank

Josh Chaffin


Mary Pacifico Curtis

Fatima Espiritu

MFC Feeley

Jessica Granger

Eleanor Gray

Maximilian Heinegg

Deborah Jang

Gail Labovitz

Amy Lauren

Diane Martin

Jose Medina

Frank Meola

Andrew Miller

Caleb Milne

Kelly Neal

James B. Nicola

Vivian Faith Prescott

Maggie Rosen

Shana Ross

Jeremy Schnotala

Shaun Turner

Sydney Vance

Laurence Wensel

Breslin White

Megan Wildhood

Beth Oast Williams

John Sibley Williams

Jesse Wolfe

Bessie F. Zaldívar

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