dcd headshotDarren’s eighth book of poetry, Bombing the Thinker, was published in September of this year. In his review of the book, Scott Neuffer writes:

“The seventy-plus poems in Bombing the Thinker explore the incident and partial restoration of the statue from the perspective of the poet — who criticizes the misguided attack but has his own ideas about art and revolution — and from the perspective of the statue himself, who, though made of inanimate material, is able to express his thoughts in a series of poems entitled ‘A Damaged Thinker.’

“This is Demaree’s genius. He writes in terse lines that splay the metaphysical but also the beautifully human. His art connects to something greater because of the deep well of humanity pumping it up to the surface. “Some day,” he writes, “all of these / fragments will make us / both feel quite whole.”

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